14M Wire Flame Spray Gun

14M Wire Flame Spray Gun


Operation Manual
Start/Stop Operation By trigger
Wire Size Standard 3.17 mm
Wire Size Optional 4.76 mm
Gas Used Oxygen
Fuel Gas LPG
Compressed Air 35 CFM at 75 psi
Net Weight 2.8 Kg

14M Wire Flame Spray Gun

14M Wire Flame SprayGunis a lightweightwire spray gunthat uses an air turbine to draw wire in, melt it with fuel gas and blast the molten particles onto the substrate. This versatile gun has a central wire feed thumb trigger making it a great choice for hand-held use. It is used for coating metals & metal alloys.

The Metal Coat Flame Spray Gun 14M has a common gas head, which can be adapted to utilize Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Propane fuel gas. The standard (Wire Flame Spray Gun) gun is set up to spray 1/8” wire utilizing acetylene as the fuel gas. Proper hardware is available for handling all standard wire sizes ranging from 3/16” down to 1/16”. The controlled speed range of the 14M Flame Spray Gun is from about 2 to 15 feet per minute (0.6 – 4.6 m/min) with standard gears to approximately 5 to 45 feet per minute (1.5 – 14 m/min) with the special easily installed, high-speed gear set.

A separate valve handle tests air and gas flow which helps keep the wire from cooling and jamming in theblasting nozzlewhen wire feed is temporarily stopped, reducing maintenance, material waste, and lost production time to clear jams. Although the 14M Flame Spray Gun has been created essentially for hand-held operation, a simple, rugged tool post fixture is provided with each unit to permit mounting on a machine tool such as a lathe. Powered by compressed air and Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Propane, the entire system (except the compressor), can be mounted on a cart for mobile applications and field repair work.

14M Wire Flame Spray Gun Price in India

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Types of wire flame spray gun

Types of线flame spray gunsare the following: 5公里线火焰喷枪 The5KM Wire Spraycan spray any wire made forThermal Sprayfrom soft, low-melt point materials such as Zinc or Babbitt to high-melt wires such as Stainless or Moly steel. Elements can be easily changed for multiple wire diameter. 11M wire Flame Spray Gun 11Mwire Flame Spray Gun is specially designed to run at high speeds allowing the user to apply soft wire material to any substrate efficiently and economically. This gun is proper for hand-held or starts/stop operation due to the wire feed thumb trigger. It is engineered specifically for soft-wire applications. This gun will not spray hard elements such asStainless Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Copper or Bonderite. 12M Wire Flame Spray Gun 12MWire Flame Spray Gunis the best handgun used for flame spray coating withmetalizingwires. 12M wire flame spray guns have a universal, forged-aluminum gas head which can be adapted to use any fuel gas. 14M Wire Flame Spray Gun 14MWire Flame Spray Gunis a lightweight spray gun that uses an air turbine to draw wire in, melt it with fuel gas and blast the molten particles on to the substrate. The Metal Coat Flame Spray Guns 14M have a common gas head, which can be adapted to use Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Propane fuel gas, etc.

What is different b/w wire and powder flame spray gun ?

In the线flame sprayprocess, the wire spray material is melted in a gaseous oxygen-fuelflame. The wire is filled continuously into the fuel gas-oxygen flame, where it is melted and atomized by the addition of compressed air that also directs the melted onto the substrate. Combustion wire flame spray is a common option for machine element repair and corrosion coatings such as bridge piers and Yankee dryer Rolls.

Thepowder flame sprayprocess utilizes a similar technique of wire Flame spray process, except that the wire feedstock is replaced withpowder. The process is fundamentally the spraying of molten material onto a surface to provide a coating. The material in powder form is melted in aflame(oxy-acetylene or hydrogen most common) to form a fine spray. When the spray attaches the substrate, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify forming a coating.

What is Flame Spray Gun and how to work?

Flame spray gunuses combustible gas as a heat source to melt the coating material.Rod,wire, orpowderspraymaterial can be used inFlame spray guns.flame spray gunscan be modified to use different sequences of gases to balance operating costs andcoatingproperties. Acetylene, propane, methyl-acetylene-propadiene (MAPP) gas, and hydrogen, along withoxygen, are generally utilizedflame spraygases. commonly, changing thenozzleand/or air cap is all that is needed to adapt the gun to various alloys, wire sizes, or gases.

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