Thermal Spray equipment wire

Wire Flame Spray GunIs having a specialized team of employees who are experts in different manners of Wire Flame Spray Gun Manufacturing technology. Our continuous efforts are directed towards reducing the operational cost of all metalizing spray guns without making any compromise in their quality. Thermal Spray Gun company manufacture and export all types of spray gun-like thermal spray, Powder Flame spray, Electric Arc spray,HVOF (High-Velocity Oxy-fuel) Spray Gun, Arc Spray Gun, Zinc Spray Gun, etc. Involve high temperatures which ultimately cause frequent wear & tear of parts being used in these spray guns.

Manufacturer ofWire Flame Spray Gun

Our motto is to supply metalizing equipment & their parts with reduced prices without any drawback in the quality as compared to other costly products being supplied in the market. In a small span of experience in this field, we have achieved some big customers from the world who have turned as the most satisfied customer & in revert they have shown their faith with repeated orders on us. Various OEMs of thermals spray coating equipment have brought some good models in the market. AMT is specialized in the design and manufacturing ofspare partsfor almost every亚博全站官网登录网址which is available in the international market.


  • A few of these are :
  • 11 e, 12 e, 14个e, e - 16线火焰spray models (belong to M/S Sulzer Metco)
  • 5PII, 6PII – Powder flame spray models • SJP-5000/8000 – Liquid fuel hvof model (Belong to Tafa/Praxair)
  • DJ-2700 – HVOF model (belong to M/S Sulzer Metco)
  • 8830 – Arc spray model (Belong to Tafa/Praxair)