Arc Spray Gun

Arc Spray Gun

Arc spray gunis a coating process in which where two consumable metal wires are fed independently into the spray gun. Certain wires are then charged and an arc is produced between them. The heat of this arc melts the incoming wire, which is then entrained in an air jet of the gun. This entrained molten feedstock is when dropped on a substrate with the help of compressed air. In an arc spray gun, the weight of coating that can be transferred per unit of time is a function of the electrical power (amperage) of the method and the frequency and melting point of the wire. The wires are usually made of electrically-conductive materials, such as Aluminum, Zinc, Stainless Steel, and Copper.

Wire Arc Spray Gun Process

Wire arc spray gunuses two consumable wires of metal to fed inside the gun independently. These wires are charged and then an arc is generated between them. The heat from this arc melts the incoming wires of metal, after that this molten metal entrained in an air jet from the gun. This entrained molten metal deposited onto the workpiece with the help of compressed air. This process frequently used for heavy coating of metallic on a workpiece.

Wire Arc Spray Gun Advantage

  • Wire Arc Spray coatingsare gaining potential due to lower operating costs,
  • Higher material output per hour, and production of a more coarse coating than the Plasma or HVOF gun methods.
  • Wire Arc Spray coatings are exceptionally suited for the dimensional restoration of both is-machined, worn parts and also provide an on-site solution.
  • Hence offers versatility and high reliability

Zinc Wire Coating

It is a different form of the arc which deposits a coating on the interior and external surface of a part of any geometry. It is mostly used for coating on the cylinder bores of an engine. This allows the use of an aluminum engine block externally having heavy cast iron sleeves. An arc is used to melts the wire that is a supersonic plasma jet. The plasma jet set by given an arc between a non-consumable cathode and wire which is required for coating.

Air Compressortransports the molten droplets stream on the components after atomization. Due to the high kinetic energy the molten droplets impinge on the surface of the substrate and flatten. When molten droplets come in contact then they rapidly solidify. The亚博全站官网登录网址process utilizes a single wire as the feedstock material.

Applications of Arc Spray Gun

  • Production segments that show explicit surface attributes.
  • Utilize less costly substrate materials for segments, yet keep up elite surface properties.
  • Improve part administration life.
  • Fix existing segments to like-new or better than new condition.
  • Rescue mismachined parts.
  • Give an elite bond coat in a covering system.

Benefits & Features

  • No combustible gas supply is required.
  • Versatile, reliable, and easy to operate.
  • High production spray rates.
  • Produces easily to machine coatings.

Industrial Uses

  • Power Generation.
  • Waste Incineration.
  • Electronics.
  • Automotive.
  • Aerospace.

Arc Spray Gun Manufacturers in India

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What is twin arc spray ?

Twin-Wire-Arc Spray, also termed asWire-Arc Spray, is one of the most cost-effective techniques ofthermal sprayingand has become popular in the industry because it combines low operating and equipment costs with high material and energy efficiencies. The material that is used in this process is introduced into the process in the form of two electrically-conductive consumablewires. The wires commonly used in industry are usually made of electrically-conductive substances, such as, Zinc, copper, and Stainless Steel.

Types of wire flame spray gun

Types of线火焰喷涂枪are the following:


The5KM Wire Spraycan spray any wire made forThermal Sprayfrom soft, low-melt point materials such as Zinc or Babbitt to high-melt wires such as Stainless or Moly steel. Elements can be easily changed for multiple wire diameter.

11M wire Flame Spray Gun

11Mwire Flame Spray Gunis specially designed to run at high speeds allowing the user to apply soft wire material to any substrate efficiently and economically. This gun is proper for hand-held or starts/stop operation due to the wire feed thumb trigger. It is engineered specifically for soft-wire applications. This gun will not spray hard elements such asStainless Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Copper or Bonderite.

12米Wire Flame Spray Gun

12米Wire Flame Spray Gunis the best handgun used for flame spray coating withmetalizingwires. 12M wire flame spray guns have a universal, forged-aluminum gas head which can be adapted to use any fuel gas.

14M Wire Flame Spray Gun

14MWire Flame Spray Gunis a lightweight spray gun that uses an air turbine to draw wire in, melt it with fuel gas and blast the molten particles on to the substrate. The Metal Coat Flame Spray Guns 14M have a common gas head, which can be adapted to use Oxy/Acetylene or Oxy/Propane fuel gas, etc.

What is different b/w wire and powder flame spray gun ?

In thewire flame sprayprocess, the wire spray material is melted in a gaseous oxygen-fuelflame. The wire is filled continuously into the fuel gas-oxygen flame, where it is melted and atomized by the addition of compressed air that also directs the melted onto the substrate. Combustion wire flame spray is a common option for machine element repair and corrosion coatings such as bridge piers and Yankee dryer Rolls.

Thepowder flame sprayprocess utilizes a similar technique of wire Flame spray process, except that the wire feedstock is replaced withpowder. The process is fundamentally the spraying of molten material onto a surface to provide a coating. The material in powder form is melted in aflame(oxy-acetylene or hydrogen most common) to form a fine spray. When the spray attaches the substrate, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify forming a coating.

What is Flame Spray Gun and how to work?

Flame spray gunuses combustible gas as a heat source to melt the coating material.Rod,wire, orpowderspray材料可用于Flame spray guns.flame spray gunscan be modified to use different sequences of gases to balance operating costs andcoatingproperties. Acetylene, propane, methyl-acetylene-propadiene (MAPP) gas, and hydrogen, along withoxygen, are generally utilizedflame spraygases. commonly, changing thenozzleand/or air cap is all that is needed to adapt the gun to various alloys, wire sizes, or gases.

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