Glass Beads

Glass beads

Glass Beads

Glass beadsare constructed from non-lead, soft drink lime-type glass with no free silica that is preformed into ball forms. Glass beads produce a considerably smoother and more beautiful finish than fine abrasives. The impact of glass beads creates a pristine, brilliant, glossy silk complete with no dimensional differences between the pieces. Glass beads can be used in a variety of ways. When used properly,glass bead abrasiveis a good technique for metal cleaning or surface finishing because they are synthetically dormant and environmentally friendly.

Despite the fact that glass is comprised of silica, glass beads contain no free silica, posing no health risk. Clean efficiently at 45 to 60 – degree nozzle angles by recycling numerous times. Coarse beads peen to more intense levels and peen deeper zones in the surface, removing bigger, tougher soils.Fine Glass beadsremove smaller, lighter soil, have a higher impact per kilograms, clean faster, peen at lower intensities, and peen the outer zones of surfaces.

Glass Beads Abrasive

Glass Beads Abrasivecan remove contaminants and metal oxides without affecting the treated surfaces because of their hardness and spherical shape. Because glass does not react chemically with other materials, themicro glass beadsdo not cause corrosion or foreign substance deposits on the treated surfaces.

Glass beads Grades / Sizes

Microns Mesh Inches Sphere Count
590-840 20-36 .0234-.0331 65 %
420-590 30-40 .0165-.0234 70 %
250-420 40-60 .0098-.0165 70 %
177-297 50-80 .0070-.0117 80 %
149-250 60-100 .0059-.0098 80 %
105-210 70-140 .0041-.0083 80 %
74-149 100-200 .0029-0059 90 %
53-105 140-270 .0021.0041 90 %
44-88 170-325 .0017-.0035 95 %
Glass Beads abrasive

Typical Applications of Glass Beads:

Automotive, Aerospace, Rubber Mold, Glass Mold, Paint Removal, Rust Removal, medical, Fasteners, Dies and Taps, Surface Prep Food Surfaces, Electronic, Weld Mark Removal are some of the industries that employglass beads blasting.

Cleaning: Removes ferrous impurities and cleans and prepares the surface of metal parts without introducing them.

Glass Bead Peening: Reduces tensile stress in metal parts, extending the life of most components and preventing stress corrosion cracking.

Finishing: A technique for concealing and blending blemishes and discolorations caused by welding, grinding, and fabrication procedures.

Produces aesthetically appealing finishes on a variety of metal substrates in a reproducible manner.

Deburring: Peens and eliminates burrs, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing surface.

Benefits of Glass Bead Blasting

  • Many medical components are glass beaded to prevent glare from gleaming stainless steel while keeping the part’s smooth feel.
  • After belting, grinding, or welding processes,glass bead blasting mediais frequently used to integrate these areas with the remainder of the part.
  • Glass beads for saleare also utilized in wet blast machines for even smoother finishes and inshot peening machineoperations on items like aircraft turbine blades.
  • Because glass beads contain no free silica, they are a safer blast media to utilize than some of the other options available today. It can be re-used multiple times, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Crushed glass is a good option if you require a deep etch on your pieces. Crushed glass is made up of microscopic fragments of glass that are extremely sharp. If a smooth finish isn’t necessary, use this product.
  • Glass beads abrasive mediais used for Sand Blasting &shot blasting machineoperation.

Advantages of glass beads over alternative abrasive media:

  • When compared to steel shot, less material delivery energy is required.
  • When compared to angular abrasives, less equipment wears.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • There is no free Silica.
  • The landfill is free of the trash.
  • When compared to steel shot, more particles impact every second.
  • Using a blast nozzle, it may be delivered precisely where it is needed.
  • Consistent size aids in achieving a consistent, repeatable finish.
  • The medium is non-destructive and will not damage the material substrate due to its round form (round glass beads) and material composition.

Glass Beads price in India

Glass Beads in Indiaat a low price for sale. Glass beads abrasive media are a reusable abrasives that are primarily utilized in sand blasting rooms and blast cabinets since they do not penetrate deeply enough to cause injury to the operator.Glass beads mediahave no free iron, which prevents corrosion on non-ferrous surfaces, Glass bead for road making them ideal for use on a wide range of metals.

Glass Beads Manufacturer

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What is glass bead blasting?

Glass Beads blasting is the process of driving a stream of glass beads abrasive media (blast media) against a surface, usually with compressed air, to influence the surface finish. Cleaning, peening, glossy surface finishing, and general cleaning of tarnished components are all common uses for glass bead blasting.

Can we reuse glass bead abrasive media?

Glass Beads are safe to use near water and are environmentally friendly. glass bead abrasive media is safer for your blaster’s health and reduces pollution hazards because it contains no free silica and has non-toxic chemical qualities. it’s cost-effective because glass bead abrasives can be reused and recycled multiple times.