Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine
Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine
描述 型号ASB-SC/2W-4
组件的大小 - 最大。 4英寸至56英寸直径(管道)L - 4500mm至12000mm最大

Turbines (Blast Wheel)

No. of Blast Wheel 2
刀片数(每个轮子) 8
爆炸轮的大小 50R210
爆炸轮的力量 100 hp,数量 - 02号。
R.P.M.爆炸轮 1850年

Abrasive Flow

大约镜头流速 700公斤 /分钟
Shot Velocity 70-80 Mtrs./Sec.
镜头消费率 0.13 kg/ hp/ hr
Initial Charge of Shots 4000公斤。


Drive For Bucket Elevator 15hp
螺丝传送带的驱动器(总计) 7.5hp
Skew Roller Conveyor Systems 最多2mtr/min
Length of conveyor (inlet) 10000 mm
输送机长度(出口) 13000毫米
6公斤/厘米的压缩空气需求2pressure 25 CFM处于7 kg./cm2
防尘器系统 振动类型
除尘器的能力 15000 CFM
过滤布区域 316平方米
没有袋子 300号
袋类型 织物袋
Gear Motor 04 nos
齿轮电机的HP 1。0 HP each
Bag Cleaning 振动类型through sequential timer
噪音水平 80-85 dB(a)在3 mtr。来自机器。
清洁标准 SA 2.5-3
工作运动 线性旋转
控制面板 集中式立方体面板

Machine Dimensions

Width 9000mm
Pit Requirement of pipe descaling equipment 长度6000mm
Width 3500mm
Depth 1300mm
总功率要求 268.5 hp(200 kW)
爆炸轮100 hp x 2 200.0
水桶电梯15 hp x 1 15.0
Upper Screw Conveyor 7.5 HP x1 7.5
入口传送带1 HP x 3 3.0
Outlet Conveyor 1 HP x 3 3.0
尘埃收集器40 hp 40

In the SteelPipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine或管道降落设备,管道保持在螺丝传送带单元的内侧。管道被转移到管道爆破设备的工作室中。工作室容纳2个底部安装的爆炸车站,该爆炸车站从旋转管的底部发射磨料介质。当管道通过爆炸式水流区域时,这些管道准确清洁了爆炸。管道从管道下降设备的出口部分出来,并手动卸下。输送机速度在管道下降设备中有所不同。钢管射击机提供了一个开口入口和一个出口前庭。根据管道爆炸机的尺寸足够。在橡胶中,提供了窗帘以避免磨蚀性射击。整个管道爆破设备在连续操作的强大脉冲喷气型式收集器的帮助下进行通风。


两种类型的管道爆破程序。我们同时提供内部管道爆破(清洁)和外部管道爆破(清洁)。在内部管道爆破过程中,内部管道清洁工具与空气连接Portable Shot Blasting Machine。内部管道爆破方法是自动和手动的。这爆破喷嘴内部管道清洁机的空气旋转。在外部管道爆破过程中,可以通过无气射击机和空气操作的射击机来完成。


In a pipe blasting machine having two blast wheels, these blast wheels are positioned at the bottom and top side of the pipe blasting machine. The entire cabinet is filled with Manganese Steel Tile. The inlet and outlet side cabinet (pipe blasting equipment) is provided through the suction rubber curtain of different sizes matching different OD of the pipe. Rubber curtain prevents escaping of shots from pipe blasting equipment. The entire pipe shot blasting machine is properly ventilated by a powerful Pulse jet type Dust Collector. The pipes are kept on the inner side of the screw conveyor unit and are taken into a blast chamber where a blast wheel abrasive media to clean the surface of the pipe and is thus thoroughly blast cleaned inportable sand blasting machine。这个清洁炸管出来的let portion of the conveyor belt from where the pipe is taken out from pipe blasting equipment to a suitable place.


我们提供最优质的镜头,沙,grit andhangertypes blasting machines such as:- 射击机:
  • 摊铺机射击机器
  • Spinner hanger shot blasting machine
  • 旋转器衣架双门爆炸机的双门类型
  • blast
  • 线圈射击机

What is difference between shot blasting and sandblasting machine?

Sandblastingand射击机both are the process which is being utilized in mechanical surface cleaning. Many industries that use metal apply these methods in daily practices for removing corrosion, paint and other films and preparing the surface forcoating。在这两种方法中,还爆破了铸铁工程以去除旧的油漆层。但是两者之间的区别blasting流程仅用于原理和应用程序类型。

What difference b/w Wheel blasting and Air blasting Explain it

wheel blasting

Wheel blastingis the airless blast action that uses a wheel with centrifugal force to propel the磨料against the parts. It is a high-velocity, high-efficiency blasting operation with typically faster time cycles for the operation.


Air blastingis also called air cannon, used to clean, peen or polish metal. It is a de-clogging device composed of two main elements:


射击机is a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal force using a wheel to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. Generally,blastingprior to finishing serves three primary purposes:-

  • It cleans and descales surfaces.
  • 添加纹理以增强油漆粘附。
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing thecoating表面的生命。