Powder Feeder


Powder Feeder

We are offering uniquePowder Feeders. These feeders are manufactured at our advanced production unit using the best grade components by our skillful experts. The offered feeders are generally acknowledged for their high accuracy at low feed rates for handling free-flowing objects. In extension to this, thesePowder Feedersare available in several specifications in order to satisfy the exact requirements of clients.


  • Power-efficient with the shockproof body and perfect finishing
  • Noise-free service, standard disk, and rust-resistant
  • Easy installation, rough design and operator panel
  • Required less maintenance with two feedpipes


What is Zinc spray gun explain it?

Zinc spray gun, ormetalizing通过填充子nc in either wire or powder form into a heated gun, where it is melted and sprayed onto thepartutilizing combustion gases and/or auxiliary compressed air to provide the required velocity. Heat for melting is provided either by combustion of an oxygen-fuel gas flame or by an electric arc. Processes have been designed for feeding molten zinc directly into the spraynozzle, primarily for use in the shop rather than field applications.

What is Metalizing gun and its types?

Metalizing gunis the name given to a thermal spray gun coating process that is used for coating metal on product surfaces. types of metalizing processes are the following :

  1. Electricarc spray gun
  2. Combustionpowder spray gun
  3. Combustionwire spray gun

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