Rotary barrel type shot blasting machine specification:

Description Model RBF-1 Model RBF-2
Flow Rate of Wheel (Kg./Hr.) 1135 6000
Size of Barrel (in mm) 575 x 625 L 900 x 950 L
Barrel Capacity (Kg.) 100 150
Barrel Effective Volume (cft) 1.5 3
Barrel RPM 5-7 5-7
Loading Height (mm) 370 370
Type of Dust Collector Fabric Bag Fabric Bag
Dust Collector Capacity (cfm) 400 1200
Hp of Dust Collector 1 3
Total Power Requirement (HP) 5 15
Initial Charge of Abrasive (Kg.) 35 200
Abrasive Blast Cleaning Cycle 15-20 Min. for Cast Iron 15-20 Min. for Cast Iron

The dimension of Dust Collector

Length(mm) 2100 2800
Width(mm) 1700 2850
Height(mm) 2100 3200
Floor Space required for rotary shot blast machine with Dust Collector
Lenght(mm) 3400 2600
Width(mm) 2500 3800

Rotary barrel shot blasting machineis optimum shot blasting for small, flat and light components. It is also called a drum type shot blasting machine. It is probably the smallest batch cleaning machine in a family ofAirless Shot Blasting Machines. drum type shot blasting machine is a smaller version of thumblast machine. The rotary shot blasting machine is provided to the customer with a control panel and electronic timer as a standard supply policy. Drum type shot blasting machineis proper for small and moderate job shops, foundries & forging units.

Features of Rotary Barrel Shot Blasting Machine :

丸Mac旋转桶hineis manufactured for shot blast cleaning of small or medium-sized industries and is designed at the lowest possible cost.

  • Blast Wheel of Rotary shot blast machine: The most effective abrasive media throwing system fitted and is capable of projecting an optimum quantity of abrasive per horsepower.
  • Low Maintenance of rotary shot blast machine: common valve seats
  • Design ofrotary shot blast machine: Due to the tumbling action of the barrel and slow velocity rotation of the barrel, the safety of delicate casting is preserved.
  • Controls: All controls are centrally located on the machine itself. All necessary safety features are provided.
  • The timer of rotary shot blast machine: The machine can be pre-set for the blasting cycle by Electronic Timer.

Rotary barrel blasting machine price in India:

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丸Mac旋转桶hine Manufacturers in India:

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What types of blasting machines are you offering?

We offer best quality Shot,Sand,grit andhangertypes blasting machines such as:- Shot Blasting Machine:
  • Paver block shot blasting machine
  • Spinner hanger shot blasting machine
  • Spinner Hanger double door type of Shot Blasting Machine
  • Stone shot blasting machine
  • Coil shot blasting Machine

What is difference between shot blasting and sandblasting machine?

Sandblastingandshot blasting machine都是被利用的过程chanical surface cleaning. Many industries that use metal apply these methods in daily practices for removing corrosion, paint and other films and preparing the surface forcoating. In both methods, cast ironwork is also blasted to remove old paint layers. But the difference between bothblastingprocesses is only for principle and application types.

What difference b/w Wheel blasting and Air blasting Explain it

wheel blasting

Wheel blastingis the airless blast action that uses a wheel with centrifugal force to propel theabrasiveagainst the parts. It is a high-velocity, high-efficiency blasting operation with typically faster time cycles for the operation.

Air Blasting

Air blastingis also called air cannon, used to clean, peen or polish metal. It is a de-clogging device composed of two main elements:

What is a shot blasting machine?

Theshot blasting machineis a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal force using a wheel to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. Generally,blastingprior to finishing serves three primary purposes:-

  • It cleans and descales surfaces.
  • Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion.
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing thecoatinglife of a surface.

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