Sand blasting machine

Sand blasting machine

Sand Blasting Machine

The purpose of asand blasting machineis to clean, etch, and smooth the surface of any material, mostly metallic surfaces. Sand blasting is one of the most efficient and quick methods for shaping and smoothing the surface of any foreign substance using compressed air.Sand Blasting Machine for saleis really well suited for the removal of rust which causes surface scratches.

Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturers

We are the largestsand blasting machine manufacturerin India. Sand used to be the most commonly used abrasive media material, but since the lung disease are caused by inhalation of the dust created by sand, other materials are now used in its place (such as copper slag, steel grit, baking soda, glass beads, dry ice, and walnut shells).

Secondly sand may contain a high percentage of moisture content that can lead to the failure of blasting equipment. Rather than sand asabrasive mediawe can use steel grit for eliminating rust, sand layers of paint from the thick metal surface, and crushed glass for light blasting surface which could be damaged, if we use other heavier materials.

Sand Blasting Machine with compressoris applicable not only to remove rust but to prepare the surface for high-performance coatings or to treat products to give the surface texture desired by the retail consumer. Materials utilized in sand blasting are sand, copper slag, steel grit, pieces of walnut, powder abrasive, pieces of avocado, and many others.

Portable Sand blasting machinecan be used for countless applications. It can be done portable, in a blast booth, or in a blast cabinet.

Sand Blasting Machine working Principle

There are two working principles of sand blasting machine: suction blast and pressure blast. Suction machines are often small pieces of equipment used for light duty tasks or little cleaning. The suction principle is most commonly used inSand blasting cabinet, where work surfaces are constrained and blasting requirements are less demanding. Cabinets can also be cleaned with pressure blast devices. In blast rooms, pressure blasting is used.

Suction (sometimes known as “venturi”) is a technique for pulling abrasive from a nonpressurized container into a gun chamber and propelling it out a nozzle. A blast gun is typically used in a suctlon system. Two hoses, one for air and the other for abrasive, as well as an abrasive container A nozzle is attached to the blast gun.

The gun’s body, as well as the hose connectors. By placing an air jet in front of and in line with a nozzle. A drawing action will be created by compressed air passing through the gun body from the air jet. This forces abrasive into the gun body via the abrasive hose, where it is accelerated into the nozzle.

The velocity and surface impact of suction blasting is one-fourth to one-third that of pressure blasting. As a result, suction blasting is better suited to mild to medium-duty applications. Soft sophisticated metals, where minor deburring, light shot peening, and thin scale removal are required without significant penetration of the base metal, are the most common applications. Automotive and aerospace parts made of aluminium, titanium, and magnesium, for example, are suction blasted.

The use of one hose, rather than two, to feed thesand blasting nozzle爆炸压力系统有别于吸入blast systems. Air and abrasive travel with high air pressure and quick speed through a single blast pipe, resulting in severe surface impact.

Types of Sand Blasting Machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine as the name suggests this type of sand blasting machine is portable so these can be moved from one place to another. These are normally found attached to the semi-trailers to carry on to different locations. Also, if you utilize a lighter version of this machine, it will be easier to use and move around.

Portable sand blasting machineor mobile sand blasters are portable sand blasting equipment which can be movable from one place to another easily. This is the process of forcibly impelling a stream of abrasive substance (blasting sand material) against a surface below high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface or remove the surface substances (materials).

To avoid major lung diseases we can use safety devices such as air blaster helmets, operators’ suits, hand gloves, gumboots. One thing you should never sand blast in a portable abrasive sand blasting machine other than yourself is sheet metal. If the blasting abrasive media is harder than the metal blasted, the material is removed leaving a texture. This stretches the blasted side of the metal surface. Using sand process for flat panels, we can use soft abrasive like Walnut shells or plastic media.

Sand Blasting machine

Types of Portable Sand Blasting Machine

According tosand blasting machine price& size, type of sand blasting machine these are shown as below :

P7 50 kg Sand Blasting Machine

The 50 kg Portable Sand Blasting Machine is the smallest of all the Sand Blasting Machines for sale. The abrasive blast media is stored in a 50kg tank, and sand blasting requires a 3HP air compressor.

Specification of P7 50 Sand Blasting Machine
Model P7 50
Abrasive Tank Capacity 50kg
Std. Blast Pipe Length 4.5mtr
Sand Blasting Nozzle 3.5mm
Air Compressor required 3 HP
Suitable Abrasive media Sand, Glass Bead, Aluminium Oxide, Walnut shells and as per customer requirement
Mini Sand Blasting Machine (P7 150 kg)

This is a normal size sandblasting machine with a 150kg tank capacity. P7 150sand blaster equipmentalso calledmini sand blasting machine. Sand, soda, walnut shell, Aluminum Oxide, Glass beads, copper slag, and other abrasives can be blasted using this sort of sand blasting machine, which requires a 10 HP air compressor.

Specification of Mini Sand Blasting Machine
Model P7 150
Abrasive Tank Capacity Metallic : 150kg
Sand: 50kg
Volume: 42ltr
Blasting Pipe Length 5mtrs.
Blasting Nozzle Size 5mm
Pressure Gauge fitted 1 No.
Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted 1 No.
Approx. Cleaning Rate 3-4 sq. mtrs/hr.
Compressed air required at 80 psi 45cfm
Abrasive media Size 25 to 80 Mesh.
Small Sand blasting Machine (P7 300kg)

This is the most popular P7 300kg sand blasting machine, with a tank capacity of 300kg, among the conventional sand blasting machine types. P7 300 sand blaster equipment aslo known assmall sand blasting machine. For blasting abrasives of any kind, a 15HP air compressor is required. This 300kg machine provides a lot of benefits. Sand, soda, walnut shell, aluminium oxide, glass beads, copper slag, and other materials can be used for sand blasting, depending on your needs.

Specification of Small Sand Blasting Machine
Model P7 300
Abrasive tank capacity
Metallic: 300kg
Sand: 130kg
Volume: 85ltr.
Blaster Hose Length 5 mtrs.
Sand Blast Nozzle size 6mm
Moister Seperator & Pressure Gauge fitted 1 No.
Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted 1 No.
Pinch Valve fitted 1 No.
Approx. Cleaning Rate 5-9 sq. mtrs/hr.
Compressed air required at 80 psi. 85 cfm
Abrasive media Size 25 to 80 Mesh.
Micro Sand blasting Machine (P7 500 kg)

The tank capacity of thissand blasting equipment for saleis half a ton (500KG). It requires a 30 horsepower air compressor to operate. Construction sites, car companies, ancillaries, and other places use a 500 KG sand blasting equipment. It can continuously sand blasting at high rates for a variety of applications. If you need to clean huge components and goods more quickly, a500kg sand blasting equipmentis perfect for you.

Specification of Micro Sand Blasting Machine
Model P7 500
Abrasive tank capacity Metallic: 500kg
Sand : 230kg
Volume: 142 Ltrs
Std. Blaster Pipe Length 7.5mtrs.
Blasting Nozzle size 6mm/8mm
Moister Separator & Pressure Gauge fitted 1 No.
Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted 1 No.
Pinch Valve fitted 1 No.
Approx. Cleaning Rate 9-12 sq. mtrs/hr
Compressed air required at 80 psi. 135cfm
Abrasive media Size 16 to 80 Mesh.
Large Sand Blasting Machine (P7 1000kg)

For blasting operations, this Sand Blasting machine has a tank capacity of 1 ton or 1000 kg abrasive material storage. Sand, glass beads, soda, aluminium oxide, copper slag, and several other abrasive media can be used forlarge sand blasting machine. It requires a 50 horsepower air compressor to operate and delivers continuous cleaning and blasting. In mostSand Blasting Room, a 1000kg sand blasting equipment is used to blast larger components.

Specification of Large Sand Blasting Machine
Model P7 1000
Abrasive Tank Capacity Metallic: 1000kg
Sand: 460kg
Volume: 284 ltrs
Std. Blast Pipe Length 10 mtrs.
Sand Blasting Nozzle size 10 mm
Moister Separator & Pressure Gauge fitted 1 No.
Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted 1 No.
Pinch Valve fitted 1 No.
Approx. Cleaning Rate (sq. mtrs/hr) 15-21 sq. mtrs/hr.
Compressed air required at 80 psi. 217 cfm
Abrasive Media Size 16 to 80 Mesh.

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Sand blasting Cabinet or Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machines are a special type of sand blasting machine that comes with a cabinet and is a closed unit. In that closed portion, contaminant sand recycled materials are blasted. There are various other methods which are included like cleaning, recycling as well as the collection of dust materials. In this method, the operator does not require to take any safety measures as blasting is going to take place in the closed cabinet. Even it is a cost-efficient method as abrasive media used in the process can be reused again n again.

Types of Sand Blasing Cabinet

Sand blasting Machine Advantage

  • 它可以用来删除旧漆,光滑的rough surface, or give shape to an object. Old and faded surfaces are also cleaned by the sandblasting method.
  • It helps to preserve the use and longevity of metal pipes and furniture made by metals and fittings.
  • It helps to rejuvenate the material and making it look new again.
  • 它允许您访问角落和地区difficult to reach.
  • It helps to provide a surface for subsequent stoning and polishing.
  • It saves time and is more efficient than sandpaper.
  • This process does not make usage of complex types of machinery.
  • The powerful performance of sand blasting removes deposits even from tough surfaces like concrete.

Precaution which should be taken while sand blasting machine:

  • Usesand blasting safety equipmentalike- sand blasting helmet, Air Breather, Worker suits, hand gloves.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Ensure that you wear a mask to avoid inhaling tiny particles of dust.

Sand Blasting Machine applications:

  • Paint and Rust Removal
  • Corrosion Removal
  • Carbon and Welding flux removal
  • Cleaning of casting and moulds
  • Engraving on Granites, Marble and stones
  • Turbocharger and automobiles components
  • Transformer industries
  • Fabrication Industries
  • Handicraft and wooden industries
  • Tool Cleaning
  • Shaping Small Parts
  • Art Design
  • Military
  • Street Cleaning
  • Engrave sign on the cemetery monuments
  • Design signage on wood and glass to provide them an authentic-looking
  • Shipyards and aviation industries
  • heavy material surface cleaning

Sand Blasting Machine in India

We are the Leading Manufacturer ofSand Blasting Machine in Indiaat low price for sale. We are the also provide portable sand blasting machie, shot blasting machine, grit blasting machine, sand blasting cabinet, wet sand blasting machine, sand blasting room, sand blasing nozzle, thermal spray gun, arc spray gun, flame spray gun,sand blaster equipment for salein India.

What types of blasting machines are you offering?

We offer best quality Shot,Sand,grit andhangertypes blasting machines such as:- Shot Blasting Machine:
  • Paver block shot blasting machine
  • Spinner hanger shot blasting machine
  • Spinner Hanger double door type of Shot Blasting Machine
  • Stone shot blasting machine
  • Coil shot blasting Machine

What is difference between shot blasting and sandblasting machine?

Sandblastingandshot blasting machineboth are the process which is being utilized in mechanical surface cleaning. Many industries that use metal apply these methods in daily practices for removing corrosion, paint and other films and preparing the surface forcoating. In both methods, cast ironwork is also blasted to remove old paint layers. But the difference between bothblastingprocesses is only for principle and application types.

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