Sand Blasting Nozzle


ASand blasting Nozzlelife is very hard for one to predict accurately because of the many features such as the vast range of abrasive media being used, their sizes, their different shape, their hardness, varying air pressure coming at the nozzle for sand blasting, Theblasting nozzletips孔尺寸和爆破喷嘴的口腔直径在爆炸软管寿命期间,方法磨料媒体cut-off or machine shut-down. Its size is of varying shapes used to blast different patterns on the blasting surface.

When selecting a nozzle forsand blasting machine, there should be a balance to be kept in mind, and it starts with our air compressor. Once we understand how the size of our compressor for sand blast nozzle air consumption affects production capabilities, then we will look at tungsten carbide nozzle size.

The next consideration is the blasting nozzle size & shape. its types are mainly two shapes straight bore and venturi nozzle, venturi sand blast nozzle is of multiple size and with various different patterns. Lastly, we want to consider the material from which the nozzle is made of. The three main factors in selecting the ideal air blast nozzle for blasting bore material are durability, impact resistance, and price.

The more air volume compressed per minute, the higher is the pressure produced at the air blast nozzle. This improvises the production rate in two ways:

  • High pressure increases the velocity of abrasive media particles, delivering more kinetic energy upon the surface blasting, imparting a deeper anchor pattern. This allows us to use a finer grade of abrasive media, which produces more impacts per volume on blasting surfaces.
  • More air capacity allows us to use a bigger bore of the nozzle for sandblasting, which lets us put more abrasive material on the target surface.

Sand blastingNozzle Size

For sand abrasive blasting, the most commonly-used air blast nozzle orifice sizes range from 3/8″ inner diameter to 3/4″, increasing by increments of 1/16″. An 8mm air blast nozzle is constructed to generate pressure at a 120 CFM air compressor. A 10 mmblasting nozzleis enough to generate an effective blasting pressure at a 210 CFM air compressor.

It’s important to notice that when we double the diameter of the orifice, we quadruple the size of the orifice and the volume of air and abrasive media that can pass through theblasting nozzle.

To find our optimally productive blasting nozzle, determine what nozzle pressure (PSI) we need to maintain for productive blasting, and blast nozzle air consumption, or what volume of air our available air compressor can supply per minute (CFM).

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