Spares Parts of Flame Spray Gun

有一些备件使用in aflame spray gunand these are-

  • Air Cap
  • Air Cap Body
  • Nozzle Nut
  • Nozzle
  • Siphon Plug
  • O-Ring

Siphon Plug

Wire comes first in the siphon plug and then in the nozzle, it will completely hold the wire. The siphon plug should be cleaned occasionally. Wipe out the grooves and clean out the holes with the proper size wires from the cleaning wire kit. Lubricate all o-rings before reassembling the siphon plug.


In the flame spray gun, there is a nozzle after the siphon plug. When a nozzle is put on the gun, the bore of the siphon plug should be wiped clean and put on the nozzle O-rings. The nozzle nut must be tightened on the siphon plug. Firm tightening by hand is sufficient.

O Ring

The O ring is the part of the rubber that prevents leakage in the gun. The front end hardware includes the siphon plug,nozzle, nozzle nut, air cap, and air cap body. The wire passes through the center of all these parts.

Flame Spray gun process :

Flame spray gunprocess in which, the natural material in the form of a single wire, cord or powder, is melted in an oxy-fuel gas flame. This molten material is atomized by a cone of compressed air and impelled towards the workpiece. Our product line includes guns that impart wear-resistant coatings in metallic, ceramic, carbide & composite materials as well as complete integratedflame spray gunssystems designed for manual or automatic applications.

Flame Spray gun price

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