Stone shot blasting machine

Stone shot blasting machine
Stone shot blasting machine

In theStone shot blasting machine多个爆炸轮站扔照片啊n the Stone Slab to be finished or textured. These blast wheels are mainly designed for stone finishing and texturing applications. The stone slabs are moved on a specific conveyor of the stone blasting machine. This conveyor carries stone slabs or granite or marble into the working cabinet for processing slabs respectively. By varying speed of Conveyor/speed of Blast Wheel/size of Shots etc, we can get our desired texture or finish on the stone slab. To obtain special effects on the surface of the Stone, specially designed blanks can be used on Stone. stone blasting machine can be inlined integrated with various other Stone Treatment Processes like heating or cleaning of stone as per the client’s demand. The loading and unloading unit for the stone slab can also be combined with a machine as per customer requirements.

Operation ofStone shot blasting machine:

The stones are loaded on the Rubber Belt Conveyor unit. These stones are transferred to the working chamber. The work chamber has a 1 No. horizontally mounted blast wheel station system in line with rubber conveyor which blasts abrasive media on a stone slab. The stone correctly shot blast cleaned while they are passing through the blast stream zone of the blasting machine. The stone comes out from the outlet portion of the machine and removed manually from the machine. The conveyor speed is variable in nature as it can be set according to the finishing required by the customer. The stone blasting machine is provided with one inlet and one outlet vestibule. There is sufficient no. of rubber curtain used to trap the escaping shots. The entire machine is ventilated by using a powerful Fabric Bag Type Dust Collector.

Applications of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

  • 它主要用于粗糙度3月的过程ble, artificial stone, granite, and many alternative things. It serves to extend the stone surface friction constant.
  • The stone blasting machine is meant to handle slabs. The abrasives maintained on the slabs are washed off by a rubber knife & the fine layer of abrasives is blown-off by an adjustable air blade system that is operated with the assistance of compressed air.
  • The process of operation is controlled by a cube-shaped instrument panel that homes contact & overload protection devices together with contractors & timers of appropriate capability

The Advantage of Stone Shot Blasting Machine:

  • It can take away the unsound surface, rust, and alternative matters on the stone for a bright surface.
  • Improve method characteristics, enhance resistance to rot, promote quality of merchandise, and reduce pollution within the situated space.
  • This is a continuous pass-through of sorts ofshot blasting cabinetfor automatically blasting plate and enormous alternative steel gears placed in its roller conveyor.
  • The blast wheels are positioned on top of and below the conveyor at maximum angles for effectively blasting all exposed workpiece surfaces.

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