Table Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Machine

Table Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Machine
Table Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Machine

Table Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Machineconsists of one / two rotary tables for the loading of the component. This is mounted on the door swings inside the cabinet, so it is also called秋千桌型爆炸机和the blast wheel on the top cleans the component. The table rotates in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to ensure the thorough cleaning of the blasting surface by the blast wheel. The component needs to be kept manually upside and down again and again so that to cover the bottom of the component also in shot blasting.

TheTable type shot blasting machineis also called as Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine consists of one or tworotary barrel type shot blasting machine用于加载组件。这张射击桌升到门上的旋转内部表面,机舱和顶部的爆炸轮清洁成分。秋千桌的旋转可以像顺时针和逆时针方向一样移动两侧,以确保完美的清洁。该成分必须倒置,然后应清洁射击以覆盖组件的底部。

It consists of a round table over which, the material or ingredients to be blasted are kept and the秋千桌型爆炸机rotates vertically, therefore, exposing the components to the blast stream by blast wheel. These Table type shot blasting machines还要有另一个表铰链,以减少周期时间。该表的第二部分位于开口的另一侧,当爆炸正在进行第一个时,该开口的另一侧被卸载和加载。我们的Table Type Shot Blasting Machinesare available at a very competitive price.

Table Shot Blasting Machineis used for larger sized medium or heavyweight casting, forging, heat-treated work, welded and bolted structures. Components such as engine blocks, transmission housings, head wheels, crankshafts, etc can be blast cleaned. TableAirless Shot Blasting Machine高度高于功能,耐用性,有效性,精加工,并拥有良好的运营生活。因此,我们的机器在竞争对手的全球市场中得到了我们的客户的认可和要求。

Table Type Abrasive Shot Blasting Machine manufacturers in India

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What types of blasting machines are you offering?

我们提供最优质的镜头,Sand,grit andhangertypes blasting machines such as:- Shot Blasting Machine:
  • Paver block shot blasting machine
  • Spinner hanger shot blasting machine
  • Spinner Hanger double door type of Shot Blasting Machine
  • Stone shot blasting machine
  • Coil shot blasting Machine


Sandblastingshot blasting machineboth are the process which is being utilized in mechanical surface cleaning. Many industries that use metal apply these methods in daily practices for removing corrosion, paint and other films and preparing the surface for涂层. In both methods, cast ironwork is also blasted to remove old paint layers. But the difference between bothblastingprocesses is only for principle and application types.

What difference b/w Wheel blasting and Air blasting Explain it

wheel blasting


Air Blasting

Air blastingis also called air cannon, used to clean, peen or polish metal. It is a de-clogging device composed of two main elements:

What is a shot blasting machine?

Theshot blasting machineis a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal force using a wheel to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. Generally,blastingprior to finishing serves three primary purposes:-

  • It cleans and descales surfaces.
  • Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion.
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing the涂层life of a surface.

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