Twin Wire Arc Spray Gun

Twin Wire Arc Spray Gun

TheTwin Wire Arc SprayGunprocess (TWA) utilizes metal in wire feedstock materials. The heating and melting process of metal occur when two electrically opposed charged wires. Covering the spray material, are fed together in such a manner that a controlled arc occurs at their junction. The molten metal is atomized and impelled onto the prepared workpiece by jets of compressed air or gas.

Twin Wire Arc Spray Gun

Itis an economical technique of thermal spraying and has become popular in the industry. Because it combines low operating and equipment costs with high material and energy efficiency. The coatings produced in the Twin wire arc spraying process usually have a greater porosity and lower adhesion strength than those obtained from other thermal spray processes, making them of relatively poorer quality.Twin Wire Arc sprayhas a large range of industrial applications.

Twin Wire Arc Spray

TheWire Arc Spraygun is comparatively simpler. Two-wire(Anode and Cathode) direct the wires to an arcing point. Behind this point, a nozzle directs a stream of high-pressure compressed air onto the arcing point where it atomizes the molten metal and conveys it to the workpiece. Generally, power settings of about 400 A to 600 A can spray over 60 kg/hr. With the input voltage of 415V.

Twin Wire Arc Spraysystems are provided with feed wire by either compressed air or an electrical motor. Some parts(Air or Electric Motor) push the wire to the gun while others pull the wire into the arc. Controls involve voltages and amperes and air regulators.Twin Electric arc spraying has the advantage of not needing the use of oxygen and combustible gas. It has demonstrated the ability to process molten metals at high spray rates, light expensive to operate wire flame spraying. Alloy coatings are constructed by together feeding two different materials, are readily fabricated. The overheated, hot particles tend to weld to many surfaces thereby increasing the coatings adhesive power.

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