powder flame spray gun

Powder flame spray gunsuse self-flux alloys in powder form as their spraying materials and oxygen or acetylene as their heat source. Self-flux alloys mean alloys with a low melting point of around 1,000℃, containing nickel and/or cobalt as the base metal, and boron and silicon as its fluxing materials. Working principle – “after sintering of fine powders and cooling the compact body is crushed and milled”. Atomization of suspensions proceeds by centrifugal forces on top of the drying chamber, where drying gas is also injected. bucket-shaped rotating, impeller, and perforated wheel atomizers

Atomization of suspensions is carried out against the force of gravity in a chamber with a swirled drying gas stream injected on its top.- long dwell time of agglomerates the drying gas stream- only relatively small chamber required.

After powder sprayed coating reaches the desired thickness, it is applied fusing treatment to cover open pores and forms an alloy layer with the substrate, which provides high adhesiveness comparable to welding. In the fusing and solidifying process, the coating deposits a solid layer of borides and carbide, which adds outstanding wear resistance to thethermal spray gun coating.

Powder Types

Homogeneous powder

  • melt atomized
  • fused and
  • crushed

Composite powder

  • Agglomerated and sintered
  • Mechanically clad
  • SHS (Self Propagating HighTemperature Synthesis )
  • 化学复合
  • Sintered and crushed mechanically alloyed(high energy milling)

In addition to these features, the coating has outstanding resistance to corrosion of most chemical solutions, erosion and cavitation erosion and hot hardness characteristics.

Powder Flame Spray Gun

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