Zinc Spray Gun

Zinc Spray Gun

Zinc Spray Gunis thermally sprayed using either an electric arc or a combustionflame spray gunprocess. Theelectric arcprocess, which allows higher deposition rates with an improved economy, uses two consumable(anode and cathode) zinc wire electrodes. The wires are given opposite electric charges and are fed close together to maintain the electric arc, causing the wires to melt. The molten material is sprayed onto the prepared surface with the help of compressed air.

In the combustion process, a single zinc wire, or a source of zinc powder, is fed into an oxy-fuel flame, which melts the zinc which is then atomized by compressed air for applications of zinc and zinc alloy亚博全站官网登录网址coatings can be easily controlled by the equipment operator to provide a thickness of 50 – 500 microns (.002” to .020”). This is important when we considering atmospheric conditions that will dictate the protective thickness required as very long life or highly corrosive conditions necessitate a thicker coating.

Zinc thermal sprayingis a method where zinc or zinc alloys are melted and then sprayed onto a prepared substrate, creating a layered coating.Thermal sprayingis a highly effective and proven process of corrosion prevention, giving galvanic as well as barrier coating protection to iron and steel.

Zinc Spray Gun Manufacturers in India

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What is Zinc spray gun explain it?

Zinc spray gun, ormetalizing通过填充子nc in either wire or powder form into a heated gun, where it is melted and sprayed onto thepartutilizing combustion gases and/or auxiliary compressed air to provide the required velocity. Heat for melting is provided either by combustion of an oxygen-fuel gas flame or by an electric arc. Processes have been designed for feeding molten zinc directly into the spraynozzle, primarily for use in the shop rather than field applications.

What is Metalizing gun and its types?

Metalizing gunis the name given to a thermal spray gun coating process that is used for coating metal on product surfaces. types of metalizing processes are the following :

  1. Electricarc spray gun
  2. Combustionpowder spray gun
  3. Combustionwire spray gun

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